“Menzz” is an exclusive marketplace for a product or service that satisfies the grooming needs of men. It is a platform for authentic personal grooming tips and knowledge for enhancing men's overall personality. A simple-looking man, or someone who is well dressed, groomed with a nice hairstyle, and has a handsome mustache, every man aspires to be one.

Back in the day, men took care of themselves. They shaved with a straight razor, trimmed their hair with scissors, and made sure their clothes fit. Nowadays, we're too busy to do it. So, we don't pay attention to our self-care. It is easier to ignore than to accept that men need care too. We all want our easy way out of everything. We all want the easily accessible product, and services on a single platform to save time and that's what Menzz is. The reason Menzz was started is to make a difference. They're from Nepal, as natives of a country where men's grooming is still at its nascent stage. Many men don't have the resources or information they need for paper self-care.

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