Beardo UG Body Wash

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Product Info and Guidelines

Product Info and Guidelines

Bask in the GLOW-ry

Beardo's range of body care products are designed especially for men's skin. We know that men's skin is different from women's skin and therefore require different formulations to suit their rough, thicker, oilier skin. Use  Ultraglow Body Wash and get the confidence to take off that shirt and show-off your lighter, sexier skin at the beach or pool parties. It doesn’t just remove the dirt and dead cells that gather on your skin due to sweat but also brightens it with every shower.

GLOW UP x2 ​

Beardo's Ultraglow range is designed specially for men's skin needs, for renewed glowing skin with every shower! Use the Ultraglow bodywash for deep cleansing of the skin to make it glow from within. Level up with the Ultraglow body lotion for softer, smoother skin in every season.