The Man Company Blanc Body Spray

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Product Info and Guidelines

Product Info and Guidelines

The Blanc Body Perfume for men is a classic everyday fragrance that you can wear to your workspace. It is a very subtle and masculine scent that does not overpower your aura. The perfume fills you with the lightness and freshness of citrus and musky notes. The fragrance of this body perfume does not fail to offer a blissful experience every single time you apply it. Every fragrance variation of our incredible Blanc Body Perfume promises to add a manly essence to your personality. Brace yourself because everybody at work will surely ask you questions about the fragrance you are wearing.  

Steps To Use

Step 1: Spray the perfume directly on pulse points. It includes the area behind your ears.

Step 2: Spray the perfume around the neck region

Step 3: Spray the perfume around both wrists

For best results, apply the perfume over a moisturizer to make the fragrance last longer.